World Class Performance Screw In Hydraulic Cartridges Valves & Manifolds

Saroit is a world class manufacturer of a wide range of high performance standard hydraulic cartridge valves and manifolds. Our company is located near Ningbo Seaport.

Our strict quality control (QC) process ensures every Saroit manifold and valve guarantees a top-notch performance, both in design and quality.

Saroit responsive technical team and customer support provides a cost effective and customized solution as part of our commitment to pursue perfection in all our services and products. Customer satisfaction is our key priority.

Why Saroit Valves & Manifolds

  • The three co-founders have a long history of experience in the hydraulic systems field. They are hydraulic manifold and cartridge valves experts.

    Saroit has high-tech machines besides the well-trained and experienced technicians, making production highly efficient.

    We guarantee a short lead time and our proximity to Ningbo port makes shipping easier and simple.

    Since the inception of Saroit Hydraulics, we manufacture and supply hydraulic cartridge valves and blocks that are used in hydraulic power pack units, industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.

    The 4 reasons why Saroit products are popular include:

    High performance products due to their superior and strict quality inspection

    Cost competitive, hence our clients have an advantage over competitors

    Professional technical support team with hydraulic experience background

    Interchangeable hydraulic valves with world reputed brands

  • 2017

    Hydralic Valves

    Complete Hand Book of Hydralic Valves Technology

    In this book you will learn everything about hydraulic cartridge valves such as flow control, pressure control and directional control cartridge hydraulic valves.

    Other key sections of this book include; introduction to the hydraulic valves field, definition of hydraulic valves, working principle of hydraulic valves, hydraulic valve symbols, classification of hydraulic valves and troubleshooting hydraulic valves.

    It covers from basic to advanced aspects of hydraulic valve technology.

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