Cartridge Flow Valve

Cartridge Flow Valve

Cartridge Flow Valve
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Cartridge Flow Valve Description

Saroit Hydraulics designs and manufactures cartridge flow valves for meter and flow control in hydraulic systems. A cartridge valve is designed to shut-off and provide variable flow restriction in both directions. They are normally used in an oil return line such as in the hydraulic lift valve system, table lift, cars lifts, etc.

Working Process Description:

The flow control valve will increase or decrease flow by changing the variable orifice using the handle adjustment from ① to ②, and ② to ①.


    • Hardened poppet and seat for long life
    • Easy to operate the on/off function
    • Simple Hydraulic component assembly
    • Compact size.
    • Industry common cavity size.
    • Very low pressure drop
NameCartridge Flow Valve
Part Number:TNV-08
Cavity size:from 08-2 cavity to 12-2 cavity
Material:Steel and O-ring
Operating Pressure:3200PSI (210bar)
Internal Leakage:Less than 2 drops per min under working pressure.
Working Temperature:-30°C~105°C

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