Cartridge Hand Pump

Cartridge Hand Pump

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Cartridge Hand Pump Description

Saroit Hydraulic cartridge hand pump is an emergency component of hydraulic system on the standby. It is a self-contained cartridge style designed to deliver hydraulic pressure, oil by operating the hydraulic pump handle.

Working Process Description:

Cartridge hand pump will deliver high pressure oil from ② when an operator pushes the hand pump leveler, and suctions oil from the tank through ① to the pump body on pulling the pump hand leveler.


    • Beam rotates 360° during operation and installation.
    • Hardened poppet and seat for long life
    • Easy to operate with handle leveler
    • Check valves are integral to the cartridge
    • Compact size.
    • Industry common cavity size.
NameCartridge Hand Pump
Part Number:THP-08, THP-10
Cavity size:from 08-2 cavity to 10-2 cavity
Material:Steel and O-ring
Operating Pressure3200PSI (210bar)
Internal Leakage:Less than 2 drops per min under working pressure.
Working Temperature:-30°C~105°C

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