Cartridge Relief Valve

Cartridge Relief Valve

Cartridge Relief Valve
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Cartridge Relief Valve Description

Saroit Hydraulics poppet type, direct-acting and pilot operated pressure relief cartridge valves are designed to limit hydraulic fluid pressure in hydraulic systems. These valves are a complete assembly of hydraulic valve body, valve poppet, valve set, valve spring, valve adjustment and some O-rings.

Working Process Description:

The Cartridge Relief Valve prevents flow from ① to ② until the hydraulic pressure higher than the spring set crack pressure at ① is achieved .Then, the valve poppet opens, allowing flow from ① to ② protecting the hydraulic system from over pressurization.


    • Aluminum knob and disc nut as option.
    • An adjustment may be locked at any place.
    • Hardened poppet and seat for long life
    • Low noise operation
    • Fast Response to pressure changes.
    • Positive shut-off
    • Pressure options range up to 250bar.
    • Compact size.
    • Industry common cavity size.
NameCartridge Relief Valve
Cavity size:from 08-2 cavity to 12-2 cavity
Material:Steel and O-ring
Operating Pressure:3200PSI (210bar)
Internal Leakage:Less than 2 drops per min under working pressure.

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