Hydraulic Shuttle Valve

Hydraulic Shuttle Valve

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Hydraulic Shuttle Valve Description

Cartridge solenoid valve is designed to operate as a bi-directional blocking valve, pressure release valve, directional control valve or double check valve that is operated by hydraulic coil. Our 2, 3 and 4 way hydraulic solenoid valves are used for directional, pressure, check and flow control. All solenoid valves come with solenoid coil that operates the valves as an electrical circuit control.


    • Poppet and spool type design
    • Continuous duty solenoid valve coil.
    • Hardened poppet and seat for long life
    • Optional solenoid coil voltage
    • Manual override option
    • Compact size.
    • Industry common cavity size.
NameHydraulic Shuttle Valve
Part Number:TSLV-08, TSLV-10
Cavity size:from 08-2 cavity to 10-2 cavity
Material:Steel and O-ring, valve coil
Operating Pressure:3200PSI (210bar)
Working Temperature:-30°C~105°C

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